Diabetes in the Developing World

Exam room
A nurse educator, Dr. Varine Menh and Dr. Hudson gather in the exam room that served as the diabetes clinic.

Margo Hudson, MD, of BWH Endocrinology, contributes this piece about her global health work in Cambodia.

“Is there diabetes in Cambodia?” was a frequent question posed to me when I told my BWH colleagues that I was heading to Phnom Penh this summer to help a small hospital launch a new outpatient diabetes program.

The hospital is the Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE which, like most Cambodian health facilities, is heavily sponsored by charitable organizations, in this case the global charity HOPE Worldwide. It has a 30-bed acute inpatient facility, as well as a large outpatient facility and maintains 2 emergency rooms. Continue reading “Diabetes in the Developing World”