Supporting Premature Infants in Bangladesh

Anne Lee, MD, of BWH’s Department of Pediatrics, has spent the past 5 years working in rural Bangladesh helping train local non-medical community health workers to recognize signs of prematurity in babies born at home, and to strengthen the referral process of these high-risk babies for hospital-based care. Now, she is seeking the support of the BWH community in a funding competition through the “Saving Lives at Birth” program in an effort to continue to build upon their work as her and her team was selected as finalists to compete in Washington DC at the end of July.

Lee’s project proposes to develop a simple low cost jaundice ruler (<$0.50) which can be used by community health workers to improve the recognition of severe jaundice at the community level, and also to design and test mobile phone applications to better manage premature and jaundiced newborn babies.

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